Klaipeda Technology Training Centre is one of the largest Vocational Education and Training Schools in Klaipeda Region. It offers education in the fields of Engineering, Services, Information and Communication Technologies, Textile and Continuing Education and Arts.  

The Centre provides primary and secondary education as well as initial and continuous vocational training. It develops a lifelong learning strategy and implements various training programs for adults. The Centre also provides services to external clients. 

Annually there are 1200 students and 120 teachers at the Centre.  

We have been WORKING in the Education sector for more than 50 years!  

 Both students and employers know about US and choose US! 

To be innovative, socially responsible, leading, striving for performance excellence in the quality, nurturing a unique culture and open to everyone’s self-expression.

The center started its activities on June 15, 1971. The Klaipėda City School of the Ministry of Household Services of the LTSR was organized at the base of the Klaipėda training center. Throughout the school’s history, the name of the school changed several times. For several decades, the school only trained textile specialists.

Since 1996 secondary education program was started. In 2006 an accredited secondary education program, a Gymnasium department was established.

In 2016 in the register of educational and scientific institutions, the name of the institution “Klaipėda Sewing and Service Business School” (Klaipėdos siuvimo ir paslaugų verslo mokykla) has been changed to “Klaipėda Technology Training Center”.

In 2022 September 1 the “Klaipėda Service and Business School” (Klaipėdos paslaugų ir verslo mokykla) was attached to the Center. The Klaipėda Technology Training Center has become the largest professional training institution in the Klaipėda region.

To provide basic and secondary education and highly valued qualification required for the labour market or continuing studies; to educate a creative, responsible and independent personality.

The Center’s Quality Management System complies with the LST EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.


  • Responsibility – responsible approach to work, environment; high competence and professionalism.
  • Cooperation (community) – learning together, helping each other, in order to ensure high quality services.
  • Openness – embracing innovations, lifelong learning, admitting mistakes and development.
  • Creativity – ability to generate new ideas, thinking independently, non-stereotypically, encouraging initiatives.
  • Respect and tolerance – communication and language culture, citizenship; we respect the rights and freedom of others, we recognize individual needs and we strive for a common goal.


A modern logo is made up of solid geometric shapes. Recognizability of the sign is given by repeating elements that form an orderly hierarchy, and the accent of the composition is the letter C, which incorporates the element of conversations in the online space. The letter C in the logo is highlighted in order to emphasize the Center: Klaipėda Technology Training Center, Knowledge Acquisition Center. This is a Center where not only schoolchildren find their way, but also adults who are changing their profession. The chat window motif in the letter C is designated as a symbol of prompt and quick knowledge acquisition. Neat forms of uniform thickness give the sign modernity, stability, reliability, which reveals the quality of the sciences and allows the student to feel that he has chosen a safe and reliable training center to acquire his profession.



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The School fosters the ideas of a healthy lifestyle, citizenship and tolerance. Students participate in various extracurricular activities: singing, dancing, playing sports, acting. The School is famous for students’ achievements in art and sports on local, regional, national and international level. Students represented the School in Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, Norway, France.  

Annually the School organizes: 

  • WEEK of vocational subjects, WEEK of general subjects, 
  • celebration of national and public holidays, 
  • meetings, excursions to other schools in Lithuania and abroad, 
  • thematic excursions, 
  • sports events, 
  • other events. 
  • Lietuvos profesinio mokymo įstaigų asociacija
  • Lietuvos aprangos ir tekstilės įmonių asociacija (LATIA)
  • Kirpėjų ir grožio specialistų asociacija (KIGSA)
  • Kosmetikų ir kosmetologų asociacija
  • Lietuvos floristų asociacija (LFA)
  • Lietuvos inžinerijos ir technologijų pramonės asociacija (LINPRA)
  • Skaitmeninių technologijų sektoriaus asociacija (INFOBALT)
  • Baltic Signs Makers Association (BSMA, reklamos gamybos asociacija)
  • Lietuvos darbdavių konfederacija

2023-2024 academic year:

  • more than 1200 students
  • more than 200 employees
  • including more than 120 educators
  • training takes place in 5 buildings
  • 17 formal vocational training programs
  • 11 non-formal education programs

Klaipėda Technology Training Center is the only vocational training institution in Lithuania that belongs to the UNESCO Associated Schools network. When implementing the goals of the UNESCO program, a lot of attention is paid to ecology, sustainability, waste sorting, and environmental protection.


  • Company code: 190974424
  • VAT code: LT909744219
  • status: public institution
  • address: Puodžių str. 10,  LT-92127 Klaipėda, Lithuania
  • email: info@ktmc.lt
  • tel: +370 46 313 682
  • account (IBAN): LT41 7300 0100 0233 0131
     SWIFT code: HABALT22

Our modular vocational training programmes

  • JavaScript programmer
  • Computer network support technician
  • Computer design operator
  • Multimedia technician
  • Photographer
  • Florist
  • Interior decorator
  • Visual advertisement producer
  • Landscaping worker
  • Ornamental planting employee assistant
  • Handicraft manufacturer
  • Natural cosmetics producer
  • Make-up artist
  • Cosmetician
  • Hairdresser
  • Vehicles‘ repairman
  • Car body repairer
  • Welder
  • Tailor
  • Clothes cutter-constructor

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Žaneta Rebrovaitė

Head of Development Department

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